Which Youth Activity can we help you plan?

Pirate School

In this two-hour session taught by costumed pirates, children will learn geography, history and interesting facts about real-life pirates while winning prizes playing games based on true stories. Everyone who passes the final exam receives an actual diploma as a certified pirate! Great for ages 6 to 11, and plenty of fun for any age group.


Call FoxView at (269) 758-4200 to book this session for your family, class, club or group. Prices based on number of attendees.

Magic Show

Children will enjoy this magic show performed just for them and hosted in the FoxView ballroom where they will enjoy an hour-long performance followed by snacks and dessert. The magician's content can be altered to fit any age group and can include audience participation with various illusions.


Call FoxView at (269) 758-4200 to book the magician and arrange the details for any number of children from 3 to 300!

Learn To Draw Batman

Kids will enjoy this high-energy lesson learning how to draw superheroes, including head and face proportions, full figure poses, action poses and comic book storytelling. This two-hour session is great for beginners or those wanting to experiment drawing comic book art! Great for ages 6 to 16, and plenty of fun for any age group. 


Call FoxView at (269) 758-4200 to book this session for your family, club or group. $25 per person, minimum of 6 attendees.