Frequently Asked Questions

What is FoxView?

FoxView is ten acres of natural surroundings and a 6,000 square foot venue for the community to rent for private parties or public events. In most areas, this is referred to as a "community hall" except in our case FoxView is more than simply a hall. In addition to the newly renovated ballroom, Michigan's Smallest Church is also available to rent for any occasion or function, as are the ten acres of property surrounding it.


Can I get married at FoxView?

Yes, you can get married here, or host your reception, indoors or out. As a community hall, the indoor venue is capable of hosting up to 300 guests for any event. Michigan's Smallest Church can fit 10 guests plus the minister inside or provide a scenic backdrop for any religious ceremony outdoors. Other areas on the property can accommodate small or large weddings, or car shows, or even hot air balloon festivals!


Does FoxView plan weddings, like, can I hire you to do everything?

Well, almost everything, if it includes providing tables and chairs included with every rental, a commercial kitchen for food preparation, elegant decor, and all the contacts you will need to host your event, including DJ services, caterers, limo service, and even live bands, to name just a few of the extras with which we can connect you. See here for our ever-evolving list of associates we call the FoxView Family.


If you want to keep decision-making simple, we offer bundled wedding packages that include many of these outside vendor services in pre-designed price options.


What other kinds of events can people rent the facility for?

The list could be endless, but FoxView can accommodate a birthday party, anniversary party, family or class reunion, and even a car show, quilt show, or art exhibit. We'd love to offer music for the community if you are a band who needs a performance venue, and our outdoor acreage is perfect for flea markets or even motorcycle rallies. Call us to schedule your next event or antique show if you'd like to attract an audience from Grand Rapids, Marshall, Battle Creek, Lansing, Ionia, and of course Nashville, Hastings, Charlotte, Bellevue, or Vermontville. FoxView is centrally located within a 30-minute drive from each of these locations and more.


What's up with the instructional classes and even a Zombie Zoo?

Between dates booked by the general public, FoxView hosts activities and recreation for the general public, including the Drive-Thru Zombie Zoo during Halloween or the popular Drive-Thru Santa Circus for a Christmas activity. In addition to outdoor events, our ballroom has been used for events as varied as Pirate School, a Bridal Show, and Concealed Pistol License (CPL) Classes. An upcoming Comic-Con is being planned, along with many other fun things to do.


Is alcohol allowed, or does FoxView have a liquor license?

At this time, FoxView does not have a premise liquor license, but alcohol is allowed if you'd like to have it at a function you're planning at FoxView. If so, all alcohol must be provided by you and offered without any fee to your guests. It is our policy that during an event of 30 or more people, it must be served by a bartender who has successfully completed MLCC-approved training (TIPS or TAM, for examples), and who is covered by liquor liability insurance. We can recommend qualified and certified bartenders who can serve your guests the alcohol you purchase.


Alcohol service must end one hour prior to the conclusion of your event. Shots are not permitted. Tip jars are allowed if that's your choice as the bartender's employer.


Call us for more details if you're planning an event for under 30 people.


Is it true FoxView can customize an event or party for other people?

Yes, we would love to help plan your next group activity or family get-together! We can assist in creating an all-day event or evening activity for any size family, school, or group. Past requests have included, but are in no way limited to, carnivals, fundraisers, 5k runs, customized Bingo, corporate team building, and even teen lock-ins.