Which School Event can we help you plan?

Pirate School

In this two-hour session taught by costumed pirates, students will learn geography, history and interesting facts about real-life pirates while winning prizes playing games based on true stories. Everyone who passes the final exam receives an actual diploma as a certified pirate! Great for ages 6 to 11, and plenty of fun for any age group.


Call FoxView at (269) 758-4200 to book this session for your class, club or group. Prices based on number of attendees.

Magic Show

Reward students with a magic show performed just for them and hosted in the FoxView ballroom where they will enjoy an hour-long performance followed by dessert. The magician's content can be altered to fit any age group and can include student assistance with illusions.


Call FoxView at (269) 758-4200 to book the magician and arrange the details for any number of students from 3 to 300!


FoxView is prepared to host any school's prom, even if current health restrictions prevent dancing, by creating an alternate activity that adheres to current gathering guidelines, and provides students a safe environment in which they can still enjoy an upscale evening with one another.  


To book FoxView for a future prom or learn more about what kind of events can be enjoyed while following current social gathering guidelines, call FoxView at (269) 758-4200.