Which Reunion option can we help you plan?

Ballroom Rental

The Ballroom at FoxView can accommodate up to 300 guests for any occasion with a side room that can be transformed into a play room for young children, or a game room to entertain guests. Call for pricing, which includes tables, chairs, linen tablecloths, and use of the commercial kitchen.


Call FoxView at (269) 758-4200 to schedule a tour and learn about the many details that can be arranged to make your party unique!

Trivia Challenge

Get rowdy with your reunion guests for an evening of trivia competition in the Ballroom of FoxView when everyone arranges themselves on teams by table to answer fun questions and earn prizes while snacking a variety of pizzas and other pub foods between rounds.


A fun idea for any age or size of group you'd like FoxView to design it for by calling (269) 758-4200.




Dueling Pianos

For a fun and spirited evening, you can never go wrong with the hysterical theatrics of dueling pianos as the amazing performance and humor will keep you and your guests laughing for days after, great for keeping everyone in a large crowd highly entertained.


Add a flavorful touch with a catered meal or maybe just dessert and drinks by calling FoxView at (269) 758-4200 to arrange this fun way to help you and your guests reunite!

Lounge Room & Light Jazz

Plan for a chill mood at your reunion with a down tempo jazz band and the FoxView Ballroom transformed into a soft-light, lounge-like space meant for relaxed conversation, maybe a little dancing, or cocktails, since this cozy atmosphere will certainly be classy and in no need to hurry.


Consider partnering this cool, laid back gathering with a catered meal, drinks or dessert when you call FoxView at (269) 758-4200 to book this special night.

Caricature Artist

Arrange to have a caricature artist onsite for your reunion at FoxView and all your guests will enjoy having their funny caricature drawn as a keepsake for the special get-together.


Call FoxView at (269) 758-4200 to book a caricature artist to attend your reunion. Price is based on an hourly rate.